When women thrive, communities prosper

Annual Spring Luncheon

Championing Women’s Health: Access To Care
A Panel Discussion

                        Women's Fund Panel Speakers 2022

Thursday, May 5th, 2022

The Women’s Fund of the Stateline Community Foundation is an endowed fund to inspire, empower and support women and girls through research, collaboration, advocacy and pooled resources.

Agenda for social change:

  1. Highlight issues – use updated data about the status of women and girls to raise awareness, encourage collaboration and catalyze action for change
  2. Advocacy – use our collective wisdom and voices to highlight hidden or emerging needs and resolve them to improve the lives of women and families in the area
  3. Funding – give grants to service providers for new ideas to fill gaps and emerging needs not covered through traditional funding sources

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Women’s Fund Board Members:

Marcy Reedy, Chair
Danielle Clifton, Treasurer
Rana Wood, Secretary
Amy Mitchell
Barb Seguin
Betty Magnus
Danielle Clifton
Jacqui Finegan
Kedron Wiersgalla
Maria Elena White
Pat Foster
Rana Wood
Robin Stuht

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2022 Women’s Fund Board Members:

Danielle Clifton, Chair
Marline Holmes, Treasurer
Marcy Reedy, Secretary
Anita Williams
Ann Sitrick Joyce
Barb Seguin
Betty Magnus
Kedron Wiersgalla
Pat Foster
Rana Wood
Robin Stuht