SCF offers donors a way to grow their personal, family, business or agency endowment through the Acorn Society.

The Acorn Society is designed for those who want to make an ongoing impact in the Stateline Area, but who may not have the resources to immediately open an endowed fund.

With regular gifts your fund will grow, and gifts can be made at convenient intervals.

If you want to make an immediate impact while your fund is growing, you can make grants in your fund’s name with additional gifts.

To help your Acorn fund grow, SCF waives fees until your fund is endowed. After that, grants are derived from investment income leaving your fund’s principal intact to ensure its longevity.

As an Acorn Society member, you can:

  • Involve others in making gifts to your fund
  • Teach generosity by creating a fund for your children or grandchildren
  • Honor someone important to you by creating a fund in their name
  • Establish a fund that would reach maturity on a special date, such as a birthday or anniversary
  • Build an endowment designated for an agency or a field of interest
  • Avoid capital gains by gifting appreciated securities

The benefits of Acorn funds:

  • Personal participation in charitable giving
  • Ongoing giving opportunities
  • Experienced fund and grant management
  • Maximum tax advantages

How Each Acorn Grows:

  • Year One – An acorn is planted with your initial gift.
  • Years Two through Five – Your regular gifts begin to nourish your young tree. SCF contributes too by waiving fees. In year five, your acorn has become a sturdy tree and joins others in SCF’s forest of funds.