Women’s Fund Announces 2020 Grant Recipients

Congratulations to our new grant winners!

A total of $15,000 is being awarded to the following organizations who strongly support the women’s fund mission:

“To inspire, empower and support women and girls through research, collaboration, advocacy and pooled resources.”


Agrace Hospice and Palliative Care – $1,100

To provide Certified Nursing Assistant training for women

Beloit Janesville Symphony Orchestra

Beloit Janesville Symphony Orchestra – $1,000

To support a special program featuring women composers and conductor: The Maestras

Caritas Beloit

Caritas, Inc. – $2,000

To provide necessary feminine hygiene products

Community Health Systems

Community Health Systems, Inc. – $4,500

To provide resources for Cervical Cancer Prevention

League of Women Voters of Beloit

League of Women Voters of Beloit – $400

To recognize the 100 Year Anniversary of the 19th Amendment

Nutrition and Health Assoc

Nutrition and Health Associates – $1,000

To provide education for SUID (Sudden Unexpected Infant Death) prevention


Project 16:49 

Project 16:49, Inc. – $2,000

To provide resources for a video project on Beloit’s homeless youth programs

Youth 2 Youth Beloit

Youth2Youth 4 Change – $3,000

To provide funding for podcast equipment & training to guide young women and mothers with life choices for their families