Alex Larson-Osborne | Collins-Clark Scholarship Winner 2012

Alex Larson Osborne and Mom

Beloit Memorial High SchoolCollins-Clark Scholarship Winner ’12
Stateline Community Foundation
(full four-year scholarship –
tuition, board, books)


About Alex

As the Beloit Memorial High School Women’s Soccer Varsity goalie for four years, Alex set the record for career goals saved, sometimes even running out of the box to catch or deflect a ball. This dedication and determination was part of Alex’s approach to all she undertook from the time she was small, says her mother Denice Larson.

School District Beloit NewsWhich is one of the reasons she was so happy to see teachers and administrators at the high school support, encourage and even instill such qualities. This, she says reinforced the person Alex was becoming when she entered high school She adds, Also, ” …teachers challenged students to step out of their shells and become more well rounded and outgoing.”

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