The Stateline Community Foundation is proud to stand as the region’s leading resource for information about charitable giving and community needs.

We encourage, support and facilitate meaningful dialogue on issues affecting each of our communities, and work with philanthropists to develop creative solutions to meet critical community needs.

Since our inception in 1986 The Stateline Community Foundation has helped public-spirited citizens find ways to address community problems. The funds we manage now number in the millions. Through them, our donors support numerous organizations and serve a variety of extraordinary causes. Our donors and funds all share a common purpose: to make the Wisconsin, Illinois Stateline region a better place to live, work and play.

Mission Statement

Generating Positive Impact

The Foundation fulfills its mission by:

  • Attracting charitable funds, chiefly in the form of permanent endowments, which are committed to meeting the needs of the people living in the greater Beloit area.
  • Using those precious resources wisely and efficiently in addressing key concerns of the community, responding to its emerging and changing needs and sustaining its agencies and institutions. In doing so, the foundation serves as steward for the individuals, families, foundations, and organizations which, over the years, have entrusted assets to its care.
  • Providing leadership to the community, serving as a convener and catalyst in identifying problems, needs, and opportunities, and shaping effective responses to them.


Ann Sitrick Joyce

Bill Flanagan

Bill Lock

Bonnie Wetter

Cecil Youngblood

Don Huebschen

J. Marc Perry

Jeff Johnson

Joanne Acomb

Kim Bliss

Martha Mitchell

Maureen Gumowski

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Tim McKearn


Tara Tinder
Executive Director

Christine Green
Associate Director

Tammy Kerch
Grant & Scholarship Coordinator

Jamie Gurholt
Administrative Assistant

Cindy Sheridan
Accounting Clerk

John Winkelmann
Scholarship Volunteer


The scholarships and grants that individuals, organizations and businesses make available through the Stateline Community Foundation are for the purpose of fostering change for the better. It’s about impacting lives.

To that end, we always appreciate hearing back from those who have experienced directly or can speak to the impact resulting from our donors participation. We receive too many thank you’s and updates to post more than a few. All the same we do like to hear back from scholarship and grant recipients. Please share with us your story.


Nick Fillbach — Raymond Schoenfield Media/Journalism Scholarship, 2011

Nick Fillback -- Raymond Schoenfield Media/Journalism Scholarship, 2011

Alex Keesey — Donald Peterick Purple Rabbit Scholarship, 2011

Alex Keesey -- 2011


Family Services | Southern WI, Northern IL

Family Services

As part of our commit to restore, sustain, and enhance lives in the Stateline area, Family Services relies heavily upon foundation support for our nine service programs.

For the past decade, the Stateline Community Foundation has played a critical role in our capacity to develop and maintain programs that address participant needs but cannot rely upon user fees. In addition, the Foundation has been a remarkably helpful sounding board for various projects.

The Foundation truly plays an important, wise, and essential role in enriching the quality of life within the Stateline community.

~ John Pfleiderer, Executive Director

Rock County Robins

Rock Robins - Girls BasketballThank you for your support of our organization and especially the Rock County Robins. Your support helped make our “repeat” National Championship a reality and we are grateful.

National Champions: The Rock County Robins — Rock Robins on Facebook

Rock Valley Community Programs Campus

Rock Valley Community Programs

The financial support of the Stateline Community Foundation enables us to provide quality residential services and programming to the veterans who have given so much to maintain our freedom. We are working in collaboration with the VA and community resources to obtain education, employment and permanent housing for our veteran residents.

Rock Valley Community ProgramsYour financial support is essential is assisting us with our goal of financial stability and personal empowerment for our veterans. In speaking with a few veteran residents, the availability of this program to them means a safe and clean place to live, assistance and time. The program is designed to allow a veteran to reside for up to 24-months while they work toward the ultimate goal of permanent supportive housing.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, RVCP Staff and residents, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for your support.

Angel Eggers -- Rock Valley Community Programs~ Angel Eggers, PHR Executive Director — Rock Valley Community Programs