If you’re thinking about making your mark by becoming a donor, we suggest the following steps:

Decide When To Give

You can create your fund now, establish it in your will, or create it through a trust arrangement that benefits your family as well as charity. You can give in honor of an anniversary, to celebrate a special event, or to support a cause. Tax deductions are received at the time of your gift, while grants awarded from your fund will continue well into the future. Discuss your overall philanthropic goals with your family and legal or tax advisors for a plan that best suits your needs.

Decide What To Give

Almost any asset can be used to start your fund: cash, publicly traded securities, closely held stock, life insurance, tangible personal property and private foundation assets. There are many more options we will be happy to discuss with you.

By giving to The Stateline Community Foundation’s funds today, you help enhance the quality of life in the Greater Beloit, WI/IL stateline region. Whether your passion is education, civil society, science and technology, arts and culture, environment, or the well-being of the animals and people living in our region, The Stateline Community Foundation is dedicated to strengthening all of our communities, now and for generations to come.

Other Ways To Pay

If you are interested to pay via stock, personal fund or check, please contact The Stateline Community Foundation at:

Contributions Are Irrevocable

All gift contributions made to The Stateline Community Foundation become assets of the The Stateline Community Foundation and are irrevocable as tax deductible gifts. The Stateline Community Foundation reserves the right to review and approve all contributions.

Tax Receipt

You will receive a tax receipt from The Stateline Community Foundation once your donation is processed.


American Association of University Women Scholarship Fund
Arthur B. Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Allan W. Adams
Allan W. Adams II
Jeffrey & Judith Adams Pass Through
Don & Louise Ahn Scholarship Fund
Beloit Memorial High School Alumni Scholarship Fund
George Andrews Scholarship Fund
Bernard E. Barkin Science Education Scholarship Fund
George Beckman Medical Scholarship Fund
Jolyn Beeman Memorial Children’s
Beloit Public Education
John Bennett
Beloit Historical Society Endowment
Beloit Janesville Symphony 4th of July Concert
Beloit Literacy for Life Initiative
Beloit Meals on Wheels, Inc. Fund
Adams Family Fountain Fund
Beloit 2000-Turtle Island Fund
Elgeva Bacon-Adams Fountains/Sanitation Fund
Harry C. Moore Pavilion Maintenance Fund
Thomas and Patricia M. Jones Memorial Fund
Beloit Riverfront Animation Fund
Rotary Club Maintenance Fund
Blackhawk Bank Community Fund
Edward R. Burn Scholarship Fund
Sara Kern Cajamarca Memorial Scholarship Acorn Fund
Caritas Agency Acorn
Chamberlain 6 ELM’s Charitable Fund
Chamberlain 6 ELM’s Charitable Pass Through Fund
Joe & Ann Chamberlain Music Scholarship
Children’s Creative Center Endowment Fund
Clinton Community Fund
Beloit Memorial High School Class of 1936 Scholarship Fund
Beloit Memorial High School Class of 1945 Scholarship Fund
Beloit Memorial High School Class of 1948 Scholarship Fund
Collins-Clark Education Scholarship
Community Action Scholarship Fund
Greater Beloit Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Fund
Greater Beloit Area Crimestoppers Scholarship
Donald B. Cuthbert Music Scholarship Fund
William J. & Lavinia M. Divine Music Scholarship Fund
Mary Divine-Leindorf Business Scholarship
Downtown Beloit Association Fund (Mel Donny Beautification/Design)
Downtown Beloit Association Fund (Promotions/Events)
Downtown Beloit Association Fund (Other-please specify)
Elgeva Bacon DAR Scholarship Fund
Elgeva Bacon DAR Operating Fund
Eldred Family Fund
Fairbanks Scholarship Fund
James A. “Coach” Faragher Fund – NEW
Ed & Phyllis Farnum Baseball Scholarship
James E. Fitzpatrick Scholarship Fund
First National Bank Endowment Fund
Friends of Beckman Mill Endowment Fund
Fourth of July Fireworks Fund
Ida Foy Scholarship Fund
William & Elizabeth Freeman Scholarship Fund
Fran Fruzen Purple Knight Scholarship Fund
Ronald (Ron) & Flossie (Flo) Gabrielson Fund
Arthur & Lela Gibbs Trust
Greater Beloit Arts Council Fund
Carl & Virginia Gorychka Fund
Grow Your Own Teacher Fund
Charles V. & Lois H. Harker Fund
Jane & Hagen Harker Family Acorn Fund
Prudence & Charles Harker Fund
Prudy & Charles Harker Acorn Fund
Everett & Diana Haskell Scholarship Fund
Ruth & Frank Heidt Scholarship Fund
Heigl-Calvary Lutheran Church Fund
Ken & Diane Hendricks Fund
Kim Hendricks Fund
Rose Hoffman Scholarship Fund
Robert E. Hurley Memorial Scholarship Fund

Michael Janke Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jeff & Susan Johnson Charitable Fund

Junior’s Superhero Scholarship Pass Through Fund
Martin & Rita Kades Fund
Martin & Rita Kades Pass Through Fund
Kandu Endowment Fund
William Keefer Fund
Kathy Irene Semeyn-Senz Scholarship Fund
George J. Kolak Education Scholarship Fund
Elaine & Bertram Lans Administrative Endowment Fund
The Lans Foundation Pass-Through Fund
Verdna N. Leishman Endowment Fund
Verdna N. Leishman Scholarship Fund
Long Family Fund
Ellen M. Luebke Scholarship Fund
Macktown Building & Maintenance Acorn Fund
Macktown Living History Education Center Fund
Mac & Judy McCleary Fund
Cheryl Metcalf Teaching Career Scholarship Acorn
The Cheryl Metcalf Teaching Career Scholarship
Mid-States Concrete Industries Fund
Minority Scholarship Fund
Joe & Eleanor Moen Community Improvement Fund
Joe & Eleanor Moen Memorial Scholarship Fund
Moore Family Fund
Tom & Barbara Morgan Fund
Noah Morris Memorial Scholarship
Scott Murray Fund
Peggy Neese Endowment Fund
Adam R. Newton Scholarship Fund
Nightingale-Pierson Acorn Fund
Kelly L. O’Brien Scholarship Fund
Reverend Kermit R. and Helen May Olsen Scholarship Fund
Helen Huston-Olson Scholarship
David J. Palcic Memorial Scholarship Acorn
David J. Palcic Memorial Scholarship Pass Through
Donald R. Petrick “Purple Rabbit” Scholarship Fund
Pohl Family Scholarship
Pohlman Field Maintenance Fund
Pops on the Rocks Pass Through Fund
Rock County Christian School Fund
Elizabeth Reinholz Performing Arts Scholarship Fund
Kathy J. Reynolds Memorial FSSWANI Fund
Loren M. Sass Performing Arts Scholarship Fund
South Beloit Future of Health Scholarship
Stateline Boys & Girls Club Facilities Repair & Preservation
Nilah I. Schenck Scholarship Fund
Schlichting Firefighter Endowment Fund
Raymond Schoenfield Media/Journalism Scholarship Fund
Walter A. & Joyce F. Scholten Health Careers Scholarship
Danny J. Schultz Memorial Scholarship
Elizabeth Scott Singles Acorn
Stateline Literacy Council Fund
Beloit Snappers Campaign Pass Through Fund
Robert H. Solem Fund
Roger & Grace Sorenson Scholarship Fund
George H. Spelius Family Fund
Schuh-Stecker Endowment Fund
Story Family Fund
Katherine Ann Swain Fund for Adult Survivors of Abused or Neglected Fund 
Carroll D. Tangeman Scholarship Fund
Rex Thomson Science Education Scholarship Fund
Tim Storm Pass Through Fund
Community Impact Fund
Reverend Gene Van Galder Scholarship Fund
Warner Electric Foundation Fund
Carl Welty Environmental Learning Center
Susan & J. Carl Welty Agency Fund
Women’s Fund of the Stateline Community Foundation
Women’s Fund of the SCF Pass Through
Women’s Fund of the SCF Grantmaking Pass Through
Joseph Weirick Scholarship Fund
John D. Wiedt Tutoring Endowment Fund
Dennis E. Wilson Scholarship Fund
Wong Family Asian Scholarship Fund
Aleya Cheyenne Wofford Memorial Pass Through Scholarship