Stateline Community Foundation is excited to announce a partnership with the Hendricks Family Foundation 

A $25,000 HFF pilot program will award Experience Fellowships to Beloit students between the ages of 11-19 whose access to education/career programs, civic opportunities, volunteer activities, creative endeavors, or athletic prospects is limited for financial reasons.

The SCF will begin accepting applications on June 1 and will administer the fellowships, which will have a maximum award of $2,500 for each student project. Applications may be submitted at any time and students may expect a decision response in 30-60 days.  Students, whose eligibility requires their family income to be less than double the federal poverty level (for example, less than $50,200 for a family of four) will have to partner with a sponsor for their proposed project. The sponsor must be a volunteer or staff member of a local not-for-profit, youth service organization that will manage the fellowship payment on behalf of the student and support the student in managing program requirements and project coordination.

“There are young people in Beloit eager to expand their perspectives and explore their personal passions, but they do not have the financial means,” said Lisa Furseth, executive director of the Hendricks Family Foundation. “Studies show that stretching outside of comfort zones to try something new and to safely challenge oneself, has a tremendous positive impact on adolescent brain development. The Fellowship will allow Beloit youth to access the types of experiences that can make them better students and more engaged members of the community.”

The types of projects that could be sponsored should allow fellows to explore or strengthen a self-declared area of interest, be structured to encourage curiosity and healthy risk-taking, stretch capabilities and build skills, and increase engagement with positive adults. For one student that could mean going off to a basketball camp, for another it could be taking voice lessons, for another it could be buying the equipment and having the entry fee to join a robotics competition.

The fellowship program will also provide opportunities for students to work with adults to understand the importance of planning for a program, structuring ideas, and being responsible for reporting results. Each student must have a sponsor from a local not-for-profit youth service organization who will mentor them during the fellowship program. If students are not already involved with an organization that could serve as a fellowship sponsor, they are encouraged to talk with their school counselors, who may be able to guide them to an organization.

The application process will consist of a one to two-page letter or a short video, explaining the selected activity, why they are interested, and what they think they will gain from the experience. The fellowship maximum is $2,500 per student. Applicants will be asked to provide the total costs of programming, and if costs exceed the fellowship award, students must demonstrate they have resources to cover all costs prior to the fellowship being paid.

Parental/guardian permission for participation in the program is required, as is a letter of support from a sponsor. Successful fellowships will be awarded to the sponsor organization for distribution, not to the student or the student’s family.

The Hendricks Family Foundation mission is to inspire possibility, challenging the children of Beloit to dream big.  The Foundation is committed to cultivating opportunities for individuals and families to achieve the American dream.  For more information visit

The Stateline Community Foundation’s mission is “Connecting people who care with causes that matter”. It fulfills this mission by: attracting charitable funds committed to meeting the needs of the Stateline Area; using those resources in response to emerging issues, and to sustain Stateline Area agencies and institutions; and providing leadership as a convener and catalyst in identifying issues and opportunities, and shaping effective responses to them.  For more information about SCF, or to access the Experience Fellowship application, visit